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Of Loss and Hope

Today is the Shloshim of Yosef Shalom Alpert Z”l, a precious soul who left the world.

In light of the tragic Shabbos here in Israel, I share my thoughts.

No rhyme or reason

No sense can be made

We shiver in the dark

Cry in the day

A precious soul

Leaves the world

And here we are left

With a heart shaped hole

It doesn’t matter




The pain of mothers left to cry

Families shattered

Homes broken

A void is created

Let us feel the pain

Not be numb

Look into the eyes of sorrow

And become one

Love our nearest

Hug our dearest

There is so much more to be said, and it will be said. For now though, I’m not running to give insights or thoughts, solutions or tools. Lets embrace the pain, feel the loss, and cling on to hope, and the gift called life. Thank Hashem for what we have, because as cliche as that may sound, it’s far from a given.

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