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My Story

Throughout the journey of life I've had my ups and downs, various challenges and triumphs. Between the world we live in, jobs, family and everything in between I feel like there is just so much.


Every now and then, when I have a few quiet moments (usually after the kids are asleep and way before I clean up the magnets and dinner and spilled yogurt and transfer the laundry) I write my thoughts, and share them with you.


Sometimes it's about world events.






Self care.




Or just an experience or thought that hit me.


We all have a story and journey, mine which I'm still writing. A new chapter is added daily, and it constantly changes.


Life is so dynamic and made up of so many events and factors, I thank you for this space to share thoughts and insights.


I would love to hear from you!


What topics interest you? What do you like hearing about?

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