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You matter

I want to come on here and take a break from my day, and share some things that have been on my mind and I honestly feel like screaming them from the rooftops.

So instead I’ll use this corner of the internet as my very own rooftop for now.

All I want to say is -

You matter. Full stop. Period.

You are enough. You are amazing.

And how do I know that?

Because you’re human.

Filled with emotions and experiences.

And I think it’s time we speak more honestly, love more fiercely, respect unconditionally and show compassion endlessly.

Every single one of your feelings matter.

Maybe you’re stressed.

Maybe you don’t like your kids' friends and worry about their future.

Maybe you don’t have enough money and you really just need a break, but can’t take it.

Maybe you can’t stand a messy house but aren’t not organized by nature.

Maybe you want delicious food and don’t have time to cook it.

Maybe you don’t know where you’ll live next.

Maybe your best friend moved away.

Maybe your husband is struggling and you can’t share it with anyone.

Maybe maybe maybe

There is so much, and sometimes it’s just so hard.

Letting go can be hard

Accepting can be hard

Allowing ourselves to feel can be hard

Dancing between loving our children and being annoyed with them can be hard

Following our dreams can be hard

Not following our dreams can be hard

And it’s ok.

It’s ok to feel, it’s ok to be. It’s ok to fall apart, it’s ok to ride the waves of life.

There is so much, always.

And the way I see it, is that if we allow that for ourselves and others, it may just be so much more pleasant.

So look at yourself objectively.

Give yourself compassion.

Allow yourself to hold space for whatever it is going on.

And jump on the self care wagon.

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