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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Life is made up of so many moments. Moments who make us who we are, moments that impact the way we think, feel and view the world.

Child’s laughter

A good conversation

Walking past a street performer

Getting a good deal

Eating a good meal

There are so many moments, they happen more often than we notice.

Perhaps we want our life to be one big moment. Feel that high, the inspiration, the love.

Here’s a typical day in my life, because no examples are better than real life ones.

I wake up, collect everyone’s clothes for the day (no, I don’t do it at night), make a coffee and take in the morning breeze before the hustle bustle.

There’s the rush of making lunch, spilled milk and “I only like THAT peanut butter” and “I hate green apples”.

There’s the broken elevator and bumping the stroller up 4 flights of stairs, and my daughter who offers to help.

We’re usually on time, sometimes not.

Then it’s work, meetings, lunch break, more work…

You get the picture.

And right there, hidden are pockets of moments.

Like when I woke up this morning to my gorgeous view, a delicious coffee and happy, healthy children. Yes, I was still surrounded by the mess of Shabbos that I didn’t clean up, but the moment was there.

Like my son’s chumash party on Friday, that was sandwiched between a very stressful (short!) Friday of so much rush and never ending lists, but right there, for that hour I heard the sounds of sweetness as he sang and rejoiced in finishing Bereishis.

The moment the kids played nicely on Shabbos, even though they just tracked mud into the house moments before.

The moments are there, they’re just small, a part of the scenery. Zoom out and you’ll see it all. The mess and chaos, the emotions and hard moments, the routine and exhaustion. But right there, in the midst of it all, are those moments as well.

I think we’re naive to think that life will be one big moment, one big feeling of a high. It’s there, in between, tucked away. And if you look closely, you’ll enjoy the moment as well.

And yes, sometimes you need to look hard, or look past. Look past the person’s externals to discover what they have to offer. Look past the hardship to see that right there, in the midst there’s a moment. Look past a tantruming child to fill your heart with love for him. Look past the mess to enjoy the delicious supper. Look past the exam and realize that this is what you want to be doing.

It can get confusing, those moments are sometimes nestled in the hardest of circumstances.

But they’re there, if you look for them.

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