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How's your schedule looking?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Can we talk about schedules?

Not to vent (ok maybe a bit?), but to give them a little honor.

Let's be fully accurate - to give the mother creating the schedule some credit.

A lot of credit.

We speak a lot about work life balance.

We speak about self care.

We speak about healing, parenting, and marriage.

We speak about recipes and bedtime tips.

We even speak about the million tasks a mother juggles in the air, the headspace it holds, the capacity it requires.

Today, I want to speak about the Family Calendar.

It’s a puzzle, constantly changing. And there isn’t really any picture to reference to, or a super specific way it can fit together.

Because on the day my daughter goes to swim lesson, her brothers don’t want to drag along. That turns Monday into playdate day for them. Which requires a full route of pickup, after swimming.

And then we have a party in school on Friday (of course), so Shabbos cooking on Thursday?

Obviously joined by baking a cake requested by said child who’s having a party.

Oh and on Thursday another child will be home sick, still waiting for results for a strep culture.

Other child remarks “Wow, Mommy. There’s a lot going on tomorrow (Thursday)!”.

Online shopping has sure become my best friend.

And then I dare to glance at the summer schedule, which looks something like this -

Every kid finishes the school year on a different day.

Please don’t ask me why. I know why, but the question marks are still there.

One has a camp.

One has a week off before camp.

One will still have school, but will end early every day.

Take a look at all the camp schedules, and I need to be sure each one overlaps the right week, and time, and place.

Schedule in a sick day here and there.

That appointment I booked a month ago.

That other emergency that will definitely come up.

You know what?

It will fit. Some days will be smooth, some days will be chaotic. We’ve done this before and we will continue to piece together the jigsaw puzzle called a Family Calendar.

The dates and times fly through my head, each appointment bouncing around like little bouncy balls.

The Hebrew and English dates each have their color.

There are birthdays and occasions.

I watch them all dance around, figuring out how to hold hands, how to get in line.

They soon settle, finding their home on the Family Calendar.

This is an amazing thing we do as mothers, juggle everyone’s needs and schedules, lessons and appointments, therapies and special occasions. It’s actually remarkable, and deserves some space here.

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