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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I kicked I screamed

I cried I yelled

But to no avail

I turned my back

Held on tight

Burning with fright

I'll resist the change

I'll gain control

Or so I thought

My dreams my hopes

My plans my goals

Came crashing down

Went up in smoke

In the midst I stand

I fall to the ground

Confusion all around

I stand up tall

I stumble and fall

I reach for more

Close that door

Alone and strong

I crawl through the fog

I learn and pray

My dreams my hopes

My plans my goals

Are still the same

Just the looks have changed

I'm here right now

I open my eyes

So I can see

What's infront of me

Letting go

Looking ahead

Moving on

I'm on the mend.

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